Author: Brittany Yelverton

November’s Volunteer Spotlight: Clair Daly!

ShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinemailContributed By: Rhianna Quiroga, Community Relations Intern Volunteer Spotlight of November: Meet Clair Daly!  Clair began as a Fundraising intern while completing her degree at St. Edward’s University. Clair has been a longtime We Are Girls Austin Conference volunteer, and even served as the Cupcake Queen for our

Top 10 Empowering Female Leads Every Girl Should Watch

ShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinemailContributed By: Rhianna Quiroga, Community Relations Intern  Today, many women in Hollywood are changing how women are perceived and portrayed in film. Having strong, independent, and confident women in film is extremely important for young women to watch. Fierce role models in film and television shapes young

Meet the Amazing Jewelry Designer, Rahya!

ShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinemailRahya Jewelry Design created an exclusive and breathtaking necklace called the GEN Pendant Necklace (available in gold and silver), which is inspired by the Girls Empowerment Network. The GEN community is humbled and grateful for Rahya and her artistic gift. We want the GEN community

Volunteer Spotlight: Kierrah Holliday

ShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+Linkedinemail  Kierrah Holliday is our October Volunteer of the Month! Congratulations Kierrah! “Kierrah is a FIRECRACKER of a volunteer! From working with high school girls in our Pathfinder program to working with elementary school girls in our Girl Connect program, Kierrah finds a way to meaningfully connect

GEN Town Hall Recap – Learning About GEN’s History and Future

ShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinemailContributed by: Daja Martinez After a month of interning at Girls Empowerment Network, I thought I had finally figured everything out. I thought I already knew what an amazing organization GEN is and how awesome their programs are. After attending the first annual GEN Town

Volunteer Spotlight: Laura Furr

ShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinemailLaura Furr is our September Volunteer of the Month! Congratulations Laura! “Laura was an incredible co-facilitator because she was so genuinely interested in the girls and loved talking with them/getting to know them. She helped me immensely by handing out passes to group members, leading

Volunteer Spotlight: Clarisa Ramirez

ShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinemailContributed by: Makenna Brandt, Community Relations Intern Clarisa Ramirez is our Volunteer of the Month for August! Congratulations Clarisa! Clarisa began volunteering with GEN in 2007 as a chauffeuse (female chauffeur)  for high school girls to and from programs. In 2014, Clarisa began helping out with

Pathfinder 2018 Recap- Priyanka’s Experience

ShareFacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinemailContributed by Isabella Judge, Summer 2018 Pathfinder and Communications Intern   One of the most exciting events here at GEN is the Pathfinder Leadership Summit — a week-long program for girls entering grades 9-12 at our office, packed full of workshops and activities. This year,

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