Why GENaustin?


Why GENaustin?  Why should you commit your resources to this organization?  One answer is our mission focuses on addressing many issues that disproportionately impact girls and women.  Consider:

  • Body Image/Self Esteem

    Girls face constant and continual pressure from the media to achieve an appearance that is not possible without the aid of computer technology, staged lighting, and a dedicated makeup person. Despite this, girls often feel terrible for not reaching this impossible goal. Read the statistics.

  • Emotional Well Being/Depression

    Girls are twice as likely as boys to develop depression after reaching puberty. Additionally, girls often process and display signs of depression in ways society might not recognize. Because of this, it’s extremely important to be aware of signs of depression in girls and know how to help. Read the statistics.

  • Body Image/Disordered Eating

    Women are much more likely than men to develop an eating disorder. Eating disorders are on the rise, and girls as young as six have reported wanting to diet to become thinner. Read the statistics.

  • Alcohol/Drug Use

    Alcohol use is becoming increasingly prevalent among teen girls, and at earlier ages. In addition, 1 in 10 teenage girls report using prescription drugs to get high in the last year, compared to only only 1 out of every 13 boys.  Read the statistics.

  • Juvenile Delinquency

    The rate of female juvenile delinquency is now accelerating faster than that of boys. Additionally, the juvenile justice system was not created with the needs of girls in mind.  Read the statistics.

  • Importance of Safe, Girl-Specific Spaces

    Girls report feeling empowered and motivated by having a space to talk openly about the issues facing they face. Often, girls feel embarrassed to speak openly about issues like puberty, body image issues, the pressure to date, etc. Girl-specific spaces give them the ability to seek and find support among their peers and trusted adults.  Read more.

  • Dating Violence

    Dating violence is often under-reported, especially among teens. Read the statistics.

  • Underrepresentation in Public Life

    Despite comprising over half of the US and world population, women are still woefully under-represented in business, government, and leadership positions, and often women report feeling less confident in men in seeking leadership positions. Read the statistics.

  • Future Generations

    None of us can help but be impacted by the culture and society we are raised in- and sometimes, we can unintentionally pass along body image or other issues we developed growing up to the next generation. By helping girls develop positive self-esteem young, we can ensure their daughters, nieces, younger sisters, and other girls in their lives will also benefit from the positive messages passed down to them as they enter young adulthood and beyond. Read more.

Research is clear: developing and engaging youth by building up life skills in addition to academic abilities can help young people to become assets in the making.  During adolescence, brain development is extremely sensitive and it is critical to help teens develop the competencies that will help them to thrive as future adults.  Helping youth to build these skills and competencies can engage them in lives with positive, upward trajectories. When girls are struggling with issues of low-self esteem, dating violence, bullying, peer pressure, depression, or other issues, it makes it incredibly hard to focus on doing their best, academically or personally. We believe personal well-being is the key to academic and life success. Through our programs, GENaustin is proud to engage with over 3000 girls annually. Our programs address the issues that keep girls from reaching their fullest potential, and clear the path for them to thrive.


Vanessa Wright