Meet GENaustin’s New Development Director (& Former Conference Manager) Ami Kane!


Why did you join GENaustin originally?

I had been in girl services with Girls Inc. of Indianapolis for a number of years. It was a life changing experience and I knew that I wanted to continue to work with girls. Before moving to Austin I checked out the girl service organizations in town, and I fell in love with what GENaustin was doing. Like most women, I remember struggling with self-esteem and knowing how to make healthy choices as a teen. I hadn’t quite seen an organization before with such an authentic, innovative approach to the challenges girls face.

What is your favorite part of being a part of the GENaustin team?

Everyone genuinely cares about the mission and girls come first. We’re always sharing the latest articles and research about girls. And beyond that, our team is really supportive—we always find time to check in with each other and pitch in when someone needs help.

What is the biggest thing you’ve learned in your nearly 3 years here?

That what we’re doing is so incredibly necessary. Every time I’m at our programs, I see our direct service staff giving girls skills and support they might not otherwise have. And it’s always in a way which is fun and safe for girls so that it really sticks with them. I remember talking with one mom after we did a body image workshop with her daughter’s 5th grade class. She was so relieved to have us as an ally in her mission to help her daughter analyze negative media messages. She kept thanking us over and over.

What excites you most about this new opportunity?

I’m excited to advocate for all of GENaustin’s programs and to share the news about our work with the community. I really believe in what we do here, and I’m looking forward to building more support behind our mission.

Is there anything you’d like potential funders to know about getting involved in GENaustin?

There’s so much that I’d like to share with them, but for the sake of space, I’ll limit it to this: We are making a big difference in the lives of our girls. If anyone is interested in being a part of our mission, I’d love to talk with them more, tell them all about what we do, and learn about their interests. I can be reached any time at


Vanessa Wright