Guest Blog From Tatiana: The Pressure Girls Feel To Start Dating

Lately at school I’ve been seeing a lot of people kissing and holding hands in the halls and I wonder, “what does it feel like to be in a relationship?” and “there are so many people my age dating…should I be dating somebody, too?” So many girls are feeling pressured into dating simply because they see other people doing it. Many girls, including myself, have been asking themselves the same question: “What is an appropriate age to start dating?” Well, truthfully, there isn’t a specific age when all girls will be ready to date. It all depends on how you feel and, of course, what your parents think, too. I actually learned how I felt about dating through a talk I had with my mom and through my own “soul-searching.” I just realized that starting to date was a big step that I just didn’t feel ready to take. I had the opportunity to date a boy I liked and when he’d asked me out I told him I didn’t feel ready for a relationship, and he was completely cool with it. In fact he liked me more for respecting myself and my feelings. My point in telling you this is that some girls may be worried that if they don’t date now, they might not get another chance or they may be ridiculed for it, when really that’s not reality!

Beginning to date takes a certain level of maturity, responsibility, and readiness. Dating shouldn’t be something you do to be popular or because everyone else is doing it. Dating is something that takes commitment and some girls and guys just don’t feel like they’re ready for that and that’s totally fine! Whenever you feel like you’ve found the right guy and you feel ready is when it’s right to start dating, which may not be when all of your friends have boyfriends. Don’t start dating someone so you can fit in or be like everyone else. The only people who should affect when you start dating are you and your parents.

Tatiana is GENaustin’s teen guest blogger.

Vanessa Wright