GENaustin is the Lucky Recipient of a $101,000 Grant from Impact Austin

Last week, GENaustin was chosen to be an Impact Austin 2013 Partner in support of our 180 Program for girls involved with the juvenile justice system. The $101,000 award from Impact Austin will give GENaustin the ability to expand our services to 300 girls in Bastrop, Hays, Travis and Williamson counties who are desperately in need of the services of the program.

Here’s the story of how GENaustin’s executive Director, Julia Cuba, found out GENaustin had been chosen:

The night GENaustin was elected as an Impact Austin 2013 partner, Ami Kane, Development Director, and I made our presentation and then we left the event and went down to a nearby Italian restaurant to wait for the phone call which would tell us the results of the vote.  While we were waiting, I was sure we had not been selected to win the award.  I was so certain, in fact, I texted a few people to let them know we likely had not been elected as a 2013 Impact Austin partner.  I was feeling very unsure, but Ami was keeping my spirits high talking about interesting topics to keep my mind off of Impact Austin.  After waiting for about an hour and a half, we got the call on my cell phone.  It was Cynthia Hoff from the committee that guided us through the entire finalist process.  She said, “Julia?  This is Cynthia Hoff from Impact Austin.  I am so sorry to tell you…”  Right at that moment I looked at Ami Kane and made a motion to signal we had lost the vote.  Ami immediately began composing a text to the staff to let them know about the loss.  Cynthia finished her sentence, “…But you got the grant!”  I was shocked and started screaming in the middle of the Italian restaurant!  All of the other patrons were looking our way wondering if I had just won the lottery.  I asked Cynthia several times to repeat the sentence so I could be sure I understood her correctly.  She kept saying, “Yes, you got the grant.  Yes, GENaustin has been voted on to become a 2013 Impact Austin partner.  You got the grant!!!”  We texted everyone we knew.  We posted to every social media site we could think of.  It was a wonderful night to celebrate a program that will change the lives of so many girls.  And what makes it even better?  This is our second time to win an Impact Austin award and expand our services throughout central Texas.  Impact Austin has made a huge difference in the growth of GENaustin, visibility for our organization, and our reach to girls who need us.  We are forever impacted by this group of philanthropic women who care so deeply for their community.    

And check out these great pictures from the presentation night and award ceremony:


Thanks so much to the incredible women of Impact Austin for their support of GENaustin and other nonprofits in our community. Read more about Impact Austin’s 2013 Partners at the Austin Statesman. And find out more about the work of the 180 Program here.


Vanessa Wright