An Interview with incoming GENaustin Board President, Heather Bendes


How did you first get involved with GENaustin?

I first heard about GENaustin when Julia came to my office to speak about the organization. After hearing Julia speak about various statistics impacting girls, and the programs GENaustin had to address the issues facing these girls, I knew this was an organization I had to get involved with.

What about your involvement with GENaustin has been most meaningful to you?

As a mom to two girls, and as a woman myself, I know how challenging it can be to be a girl. I’ve seen the direct impact we make on these girls’ lives through volunteering with ClubGEN and from hearing from our girls firsthand about the differences our programs have made.

What is your vision for GENaustin’s future? What are you most excited about going forward?

My focus is on sustainable fundraising for the coming year and beyond. I want to see GENaustin grow our current programs as well as add programs to help girls. I am most excited about the growth and sustainability of the organization. We have a fantastic group of staff and board members, and I am honored to be leading the board this coming year.


Thank you to Heather for this interview! We’re thrilled to have her as our new Board President, and eager to continue to serve the needs of girls in Central Texas.



Vanessa Wright