Dads: This Father’s Day, Check Out These Tips for Connecting with Your Daughter!

As daughters get older, dads can sometimes become less involved in their  lives- at a time when their daughters need them more than ever. If you’re feeling disconnected from your daughter, check out these tips!

Spend one on one time

Make time to hang out, just you and your daughter. It’s important to have that time and space to talk and  to share details of her life.

Join her in activities she enjoys

Sometimes Dads feel like they don’t share any interests with their daughter, but look harder. Find the activities you both enjoy doing, or step outside your comfort zone and bond with your daughter on her turf, doing the things that matter to her. Check out the game below for a fun way to do activities you both enjoy.

Ask her about her life

If you feel like you don’t understand the changes that are happening in your daughter’s life as she enters middle or high school, the best way to fix that is to ask! It’s important that your daughter feels like she can talk to you in a safe and open environment, and your guidance is essential in her life. Read more about the impact of supportive, engaged fathers here.

Teach her new skills

By teaching your daughter skills, you’re helping raise an independent, confident young person who feels capable of facing life’s challenges.


Check out Girl Talk Therapy’s excellent suggestions for reconnecting as well!


Play the Connect with Your Daughter Game

1) Decide on time and money limits.

2) Have your daughter to write down five things she would like to do with you. At the same time, make your own list of activities you think would be fun to do with her.

3) Swap lists. Choose one activity from your daughter’s list, and she can choose one from yours.

4) Schedule the activities and make it a priority to do them when you’ve scheduled.

(Connect with Your Daughter Game reprinted from Daughters Newsletter)

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Happy Father’s Day!

Vanessa Wright