Stress Doesn’t End Just Because The School Year Does. Here Are Tips to Deal With It!


Girls today face more pressure than ever before. They’re expected to get straight A’s, do a bunch of extracurricular activities, prepare for applying to college (starting years in advance, sometimes!) AND deal with all the emotions that come with growing up. And the start of summer doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve  left all their stress behind. If you’re a girl,  you know you’ve still got a lot going on- a summer job, camp, sports you’re playing– plus conflict with friends doesn’t end just because the school year has. Here are tips to help beat stress, year-round:


Get Enough Sleep

You can’t manage everything you’ve got going on if you’re sleep deprived. Teen girls need between 8.5-9 hours of sleep per night.

Simplify Your Schedule

It’s impossible to make time for everything. Instead, learn to prioritize what’s really important to you (spending time with your best friend, being in that play) and cut the extras.

Keep a Journal

Writing down everything that’s going on with you can help you gain perspective and manage your feelings around any problems you might be having.

Take Time to Relax

Take the time to do whatever it is that makes you feel calmer- whether that’s reading, running, building model airplanes- whatever works for you.

Talk to Your Parents or a Trusted Adult

If you’re feeling stressed, talk to your mom or dad about it. They’ve been there too, and they probably know good ways to cope. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, they can remind you of all the things you’ve accomplished in the past, and how you’ve overcome other obstacles that have come your way.  Even though right now you’re stressed about something, you’re going to get through this, too.


What other ways do you deal with stress? Let us know in the comments!





Vanessa Wright