Workshops To Help Girls Foster Healthy Relationships

Girls face all kinds of conflicts as they grow into young adults, not just with bullies but with parents, teachers, and their friends. These workshops help girls better communicate with their parents, make healthy choices about dating & friendship, and teach positive responses to bullying, among other life skills. Going through these workshops will give girls the tools they need to deal with the challenges they’re facing.

Help! My Parents Are Trying to Control Me/Help! My Kid is Rebelling Part 1, From the Heart Family Healing (Session 1,2)

Bringing peace and healing to power struggles and family conflict.

 How to Be Your Own Best Friend, Karly Randolph Pitman (Session 1)

One of the most painful feelings we can experience is feeling like we’re worthless, not enough, flawed, or not okay. In this workshop, we’ll explore how we can tell a different story—one where we feel deeply loved, accepted, and cared for.

 Steps to Respect, Lifeworks: Next Steps (Session 1)

Come and learn how to stand up for yourself and others, and avoid bullying

 Talking to Your Parents About…, Dr. Karen Rayne (Session 1, 2)

Lots of kids wish they could talk to their parents about sex, sexual orientation, dating, and more- come learn how to get those conversations started!

 Friendship Counts, GENaustin (Session 1)

Let’s talk about building better friendships with other girls!

 Abuse vs. Respect, GENaustin (Session 1, 2)

How can you know if a relationship is healthy or unhealthy? Come learn the difference.

 Exploring Gender Issues to Prevent Bullying & Sexual Harrassment, SafePlace (Session 1)

The good, the bad & the ugly side of being a middle-school girl.

 Building A Community, Lantern Creek (Session 1)

Camp Lantern Creek is a residential girl’s camp dedicated to empowering girls to be strong, creative leaders. Discrimination and exclusion are prevalent issues girls deal with on a daily basis. Our workshop, Build a Community, Build Yourself provides girls with an opportunity to explore these issues through an interactive group activity. Girls will discuss how cultivating empathy and creating positive self-images can help change girl problems into girl opportunities. Join our workshop and get a taste of Camp Lantern Creek! 

Girl Talk, GENaustin (Session 1)

Do you ever find yourself in an argument with a friend? Come to this workshop and learn some ways to respect your friend’s opinions while being able to stick up for yourself!

 Kiss & Tell: Girls Speak Out on Sexual Boundaries, Girl Pride (Session 1, 2)

Girls get messages from all directions about dating, sex, and what’s appropriate for girls. In this workshop, you’ll be asked to share what YOU think for once, and gain confidence in speaking up for yourself.

Dating Abuse 101, Love Is Respect (Session 2)

Just started dating & something doesn’t feel right?  Learn about the difference between a healthy relationship and an abusive one.  Come find out how to spot those “red flags” everyone has been mentioning and learn ways to have a healthy, fun, loving and respectful relationship!

The workshop will describe what the dynamics of an abusive relationship look like and how to recognize abusive behavior in the early stages of a relationships.

Participants will learn to recognize what is healthy vs. unhealthy and how to create an effective safety plan that is necessary for physical and emotional safety in the event someone has to stay in or leave an abusive relationship.

BEWARE: No Haters Allowed!, Girls & Women in Entertainment (Session 2)

Haters can not be tolerated in your life if you are going to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams. Recognize the #1 hater to avoid and how to attract positive people in your life that will celebrate you.

Friendship Fires, GirlPower (Session 2)

This session will explain the difference between healthy versus unhealthy friendships and teach strategies for putting out those common “Friendship Fires”.  We will also discuss the many subtle, relational ways girls can be mean to one another, both in person and virtually (text, Facebook, chat, email, etc.) and when it’s considered bullying.  Girls will be taught the importance of standing up for themselves, when and how to do it, and when it’s time to get some help.  Girls will learn two different approaches, standing up to friends and standing up to bullies.

 The Language of Friendship – a Mother-Daughter Workshop, GirlPower (Session 3)

 Bring your “Tween” daughter to this special GirlPower Mother-Daughter Workshop The Language of Friendship, and strengthen that unique connection you already have. Through a variety of fun, interactive activities you will learn how to better understand your daughter’s emotions and offer her advice and support while she navigates the unpredictable world of female friendships. You will learn strategies to help her put out “Friendship Fires”, how to empower her to stand up for herself, the best ways to support her through unhealthy friendships, and how to help her gain confidence and love her true self. GirlPower teaches girls a new “language” that they can connect with, giving them a voice to articulate their experiences and get the help they need to foster healthy friendships.

 How Do I Become An Empowered Ally?, Loveisrespect, National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline (Session 3)

It is very hard to watch someone you love go through an abusive relationship.  It is even harder to make them leave, much less make the abuse stop.  Find out what interventions are the most helpful when trying to help a friend or family member that is in an abusive relationship.

The workshop will begin with a brief explanation of abusive relationships and why it is so hard for so many victims to leave these relationships. Since dating abuse affects so many people it is important that parents and friends know how to help their loved ones be safe. The presentation will address the common myths and stereotypes about victims, abusers, and abusive relationships.  We will discuss why their loved one won’t leave an abusive relationship or why they choose to stay, go back, or give their partner multiple chances.  We will talk about possible pitfalls of telling them what to do or intervening in some way and then discuss helpful tactics to help their loved one.

Communication with Adults, GENaustin (Session 3)

When you’re having a disagreement with your parents or teachers, do you just want to scream? Or run and hide? Come to this workshop and learn how to respectfully share your feelings with parents and teachers.

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