We Are Girls 2012 Was Amazing!

Thank you to all the girls, parents, workshop providers, volunteers, girl-advocates, educators, staff of Austin High, and everyone else who made We Are Girls 2012 such an awesome, inspiring day!


2012 Registration Demographics

Registrants: 1385
Number of Girls: 723 (52%)

Number of Adults: 662 (48%)

Girl Race/Ethnicity Demographics:

Latina/Hispanic: 50%

White/Caucasian: 23%

Black/African American: 19%

Mixed Race: 5%

Other/Unknown: 3%

Girl Grade Demographics:

5th-6th Grades: 47%

7th-8th Grades: 30%

9th-10th Grades: 14%

11th-12th Grades: 9%

Girl Region Demographics:

From Austin: 74%

From outside Austin: 23%

50% of We Are Girls Attendees received scholarships


Overheard at WAG 2012

“Are we content being defined by the media? No! Turn to your neighbor and say, ‘You define you!’ You have everything you need to achieve your goals! Speak, act & behave as though you are valuable, because you ARE!” – Dr. Robyn Silverman, WAG 2012

“People underestimate girls. The best thing about being a girl is proving people wrong & challenging people’s opinions & perceptions of girls.” – A ninth grader at WAG 2012

“We have to be bold. We’ve got to stop apologizing for how we look. Beautiful is not about what we look like, but who we are.” – Fran Harris

“Today I learned it doesn’t matter what you look like, what matters is on the inside”- Middle School girl at WAG 2012

“Thank you so much for this conference. The work you do is so important, and it’s made a huge difference to my daughter”- A parent at WAG 2012


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Vanessa Wright