We know girls are powerful. You can help them know it too.


Help a girl discover she is powerful. Make sure she never has to say #metoo. Every $25 is one session of programming at her school that will teach her to become unstoppable.


GEN is once again participating in Amplify Austin! Help us maximize your gift by donating March 1-2 at this link: bitly.com/amplifygirlpower


Girls are telling us about rampant sexual harassment in their schools. They tell us about peer enforced harassment themes for days such as “butt slapping Monday.” In fact, over half (56%) of teen girls experience sexual harassment at school and 87% of those who have experienced harassment reported that it wreaked havoc on their lives; causing school absenteeism, poor sleep, and stomachaches.


We’re changing this. We refuse to have a future full of girls saying #metoo. Our curriculum ignites the power in girls—enhancing their belief in their abilities so they can identify harassment, speak out, and become the spark to build a better world for women and girls.



Felicia Gonzalez