Meet the GENterns of Spring 2018!

Happy New Year everyone! GEN is kicking off 2018 with lots of exciting events this spring, starting with our second Girl Advocacy Day (GAD) on March 13th and our We Are Girls Houston Conference on April 28th. A fresh batch of GENterns have arrived to help GEN’s Spring 2018 endeavors go beautifully and girl, are they great! To introduce these wonderful folks to the GEN community we wanted to write a get-to-know-you blog post about them. In addition to short bios, we asked them to come up with five sentences that give insight into them, their lives, interests, or experiences for a creative change. Let’s get to know these GENspiring interns now shall we!

Hannah Yoo, Direct Service Intern


My name is Hannah Yoo and I am a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin majoring in Psychology. I truly believe that empowered girls are unstoppable which is why I love GEN’s mission. I’m thrilled to be interning here and working with such inspiring individuals!

Every individual, experience, and trial in my life has been a teacher. My family has taught me how to love, respect, and provide support for others. My close friends have taught me how to laugh loudly, seek adventure, and take care of myself. My own experiences have taught me how to cope, foster independence, and build resilience. My life is an imperfect conglomerate of all of these colliding forces; for me, there is nothing but gratitude.


Kendall Greer, MSW Intern (Direct Service)


I’m in the Master of Science in Social Work program at UT Austin. This is my second and final year, and I am excited to start a career in nonprofit management! I chose GEN because I am super passionate about empowering girls and wish I would have been connected with an organization like GEN when I was in grade school.


1. “All my life I stepped to the rhythm of the drums inside my head.” -MØ

2. “Moonshine, this is my time–sun goes down, and I come alive.” -Lights

3. “I’m not in the swing of things, but what I really mean is: not in the swing of things yet.” -Lorde

4. “God bless America, and all the beautiful women in it; may you stand proud and strong like Lady Liberty shining all night long.” -Lana Del Rey

5. “Pop is when you hear a song and cannot help but sing along; it’s when you hate it, but you still appreciate it.” -Poppy


Megan Soetaert, Project Management Intern 


My name is Megan Soetaert, and I was born & raised in Spring, TX. I currently attend UT Austin, majoring in both International Relations and French! The project management internship at GEN is perfect for me because I get to develop my professional, large-scale project skills while working with an incredible group of people!


Security and policy is where I want to be…

Fun for me is being involved politically!

Depuis dix ans, j’ai été végétarienne,                   (For ten years, I have been a vegetarian)

Et un jour je serai Parisienne!                                (and one day, I will be a Parisian!)

I love Eggos, just like Eleven…

and if there’s coffee I’m in heaven!


Allyson Garcia, Community Relations Intern


My name is Allyson Garcia (she/her) and I am a senior Business Administration major at St. Edward’s University. While I am a business major, my passion lies in advocacy and social justice, which is why I sought GEN out as an internship opportunity. Within my position at GEN, I work with volunteers as well as promote the organization at campus events.

You can probably get a lot of insight into my life by knowing that my favorite TV show of all time is The Golden Girls. The show was not only hilariously funny, it tackled real-world issues fearlessly– a concept that is important to me. My job at St. Edward’s allows me to create conversations on campus about real-world issues our students are facing, and to think critically about how to address those issues. Some general knowledge about me: I love to read, my favorite food is mashed potatoes, and I have a Scooby-Doo lunchbox. I am currently watching season 2 of Once Day at a Time on Netflix, and I’m currently reading Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.


Delaney Seebold, Development Intern


My name is Delaney Seebold and I’m a senior at the University of Texas at Austin majoring in Sociology and minoring in Psychology. I hope to one day work full-time for a non-profit whose cause I am passionate about, which is why I am beyond excited to be working as a Development Intern here at GEN!

Since moving from Dallas to Austin four years ago, my interests in live music, great food, and scenic overlooks have only grown. Practicing yoga has been an incredible source of happiness for me, as has been exploring local greenbelts with my puppy in crime, Bruce. But, let’s be honest–I can Netflix and chill with the best of them. Being involved in the community is something that is very dear to me, which is why working with different organizations on the UT campus to empower young women, de-stigmatize mental illness, and support self-care has been important in my journey. Goals of mine include: traveling to every continent, hiking Macchu Picchu, and making the perfect grilled cheese.


Samantha Natal, Direct Service Intern


 My name is Samantha Natal and I am junior at St. Edward’s University majoring in Psychology with a minor in sociology. I enjoy working with and helping the future generation of our nation achieve their goals and ambitions through encouragement, support and direct service in high school and elementary schools. This is one of the many reasons why being a GENtern was so appealing to me!

When I came to Austin in 2015 I realized, for the first time, how expansive life could be. This move alone taught me a lot about myself and who I have become. With this experience I learned how important it is to give back to the community and to be apart of it as well! My favorite things are coffee & tea, mediation, hiking, my ukulele and my cat Atreo. Since I consider my mother a superhero my family is the Avengers! I love psychological research and how powerful knowledge can be in helping our society grow and adapt to our ever-changing world.

Mika Shivers, Direct Service Intern


Hi! I’m Mika Shivers, I’m a fourth year social work student at UT Austin, and I’m so excited to be at GEN. I love GEN because I truly believe in the power of our youth and I want to make sure that everyone gets the chance to show their power regardless of their experiences.


Now this is a story all about how

my path turned clear, my purpose was found.

and I’d like to take a minute, read right to the end

I’ll tell you how I became an intern right here at clubGEN.

On the west side of Germany born, not raised,

in El Paso is where I spent all of my days.

Chillin’ out, jammin’ to rhythm and blues,

while craftin’ and pickin’ perfect yarn hues.

When a couple of thoughts floated into my head,

got me questioning the things society said.

I found a few little sites and my world became clear,

I had finally figured out my whole life I’ve been queer!

I pulled up to UT in 2014,

found my place in social work, found my calling.

Looked at my future, I was finally near

to change the whole world by helping kids who are queer!


We also have two returning GENterns, Jenna Bock and Margaux Bartzen, who you can read about on last semester’s GENtern Blog.

Felicia Gonzalez