nterview With A Former clubGEN Girl!

clubGEN, GENaustin’s after-school program for girls in Central Texas, gives girls a safe, girl-oriented space to learn, share and grow as they navigate the challenges of adolescence. Since 2001, GENaustin has served thousands of girls through the program. We were recently thrilled to be contacted by Emily, a senior in high school who wanted to share what a difference clubGEN made in her life:


Hey, Emily. Thanks so much for talking to us about your experiences in clubGEN. What was your favorite part of being in clubGEN?

My favorite part of being in clubGEN was being able to have a safe place where I could hang out with friends and talk about anything I was struggling with. I always knew that when I left, I would feel better!

Did you have a hard time in middle school, with bullying, or conflict with friends? Or did you see your friends going through things? How did clubGEN help?

I did have a hard time with bullying in middle school, my friends also went through some really tough situations! clubGEN provided me with a place to release all my stress and talk things over with some great advisers I knew I could trust. No matter what the problem, they always had an answer on how to deal with it! 

You’re now a senior in high school. What lessons did you take away from clubGEN that were most helpful to you as you transitioned from middle to high school?

ClubGEN really built up my confidence, so going into high school I was really prepared to start over and be myself. It helped make that transition so much easier, to know that I was capable of handling situations in a positive and mature way. It also really strengthened my leadership skills.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

ClubGEN inspired me to pursue a career that I’m so passionate about, helping others. If I can find away to lift people up in the way clubGEN did for me then I know I’ll be contributing something to this world! It inspired me to make a difference and use my leadership to inspire others to be confident in who they are!

 Thanks so much to Emily for getting in touch with us! We LOVE to hear from girls who went through our programs! If you know a girl who would like to share the story of her experience with clubGEN or GENaustin, have her email maria@genaustin.org!


Vanessa Wright