Green Bay Packers Cheerleader is Cyber Bullied; Fights Back On Youtube

Cyber-bullying is a phenomenon frequently associated with teenage conflict (and it’s true, cyber-bullying has negatively impact the lives of many teens, male and female. Some, tragically, have even gone so far as to take their own life because of it.) But cyber-bullying is often also directed at adult women by people online who seem to feel threatened if they see a female who doesn’t meet their arbitrary (and frequently impossible) standard of beauty. News Anchor Jennifer Livingston was one such woman.

Former Green Bay Packers Cheerleader Kaitlyn Collins is another.

After her picture was posted on Chicago Bears Fan Page on Facebook, along with vicious comments about her appearance, Kaitlyn took to Youtube to request the page be taken down. Although initially Facebook resisted, she was eventually successful. Kudos to women like Jennifer and Kaitlyn, who don’t back down when faced with hatred and vitriol. In a world where such things are unfortunately commonplace, they are an inspiration to all girls and women.

Cyber-bullying is happening. GENaustin wants to give girls the tools they need to deal with it. Our Executive Director, Julia Cuba, recently appeared on KVUE to talk about online teen shaming, and the resources that are available to help girls develop a foundation of self-esteem. Check out the video and find out more about clubGENand our parent workshops by following the links.


Vanessa Wright