How to Fulfill Wishes Girls Didn’t Know They Had

Today’s girls face pressures that we didn’t have growing up. Technology is everywhere and parents are challenged with how to monitor and set limits. Many of us have a pace of life that is probably a lot busier than we would like. And, we haven’t even mentioned the academic pressures of school and increasing number of standardized tests. With these factors combined, it is not a big surprise that girls between grades 3 and 8 start to feel less confident as they get closer to puberty. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Celebrating Girlhood


The good news is that Girls Empowerment Network is creating safe places for girls to learn from mentors, try out new skills, and get what they need to emerge confident and strong. At our We Are Girls Conference, which celebrates its 10th Birthday this year, on Saturday, November 4, girls are invited to come as they are, bring a friend, and return home empowered.


How Girls Experience We Are Girls

Year after year, we notice girls who have never been to We Are Girls. Their chins are down and shoulders are slumped when the day begins. They are questioning why they are there and whether this would have been easier had they brought a friend. We witness a change in attitude at the opening Pep Rally. Girls start to smile and giggle. Maybe they had to sit next to someone they didn’t know and now they have a new friend (or two!). Next, girls get to choose which workshops they want to try, and they gain a sense of autonomy and ownership over their day (and a metaphor for their life). They can try out new things they might not have time for at school  from yoga to roller skating and songwriting too. Wow, this is really fun, they start to think. The dance party starts after lunch and the sense of community grows. ALL the girls are together. It no longer matters who is popular at school or where you live, it’s about girls dancing together being girls. These girls feel SEEN and ACCEPTED by their peers and the moment is magical.

By the end of the conference, girls are walking out with their heads held high, laughing, and talking about the fun they had. It is so different from their regular day. Some girls literally seem as if they’ve never had a moment of ownership over much of anything, but now a seed has been planted. The next time they doubt themselves, they can reflect and remember that yes, at We Are Girls, they had a really good day. It’s no small wonder that girls tell us “We are Girls” changed them.

Act Now and Fulfill a Girl’s Wish

If you have a girl, in grades 3-8, bring her to We Are Girls and help fulfill a deeply held wish your daughter may have never realized she had or needed. You can sponsor a scholarship for a girl who might not be able to afford to attend and there are even sessions for parents, too. The conference sells out year after year, so act fast and register today before all the slots fill up.

Felicia Gonzalez