Good Things Come In Threes: Three Up & Coming WAG Presenters

Good things come in threes, including our highlighted We are Girls Austin Presenters of 2017! We interviewed three wonderful women, all presenting at We Are Girls next month, about their organizations and their passion for empowering girls. First up is Lacie Taylor of Math For Keeps. 


Lacie Taylor 


 What inspired you to start your organization, Math For Keeps?

I’m obsessed with learning hacks! One of my absolute favorite things is witnessing the brain go from not being able to do something to being able to do it. It’s this super incredible and miraculous thing that humans are capable of! I like to figure out little tricks to make the process easy and fun.


Why do you think your organization is important for young girls today?  

I read the following statistic recently: Only 6.7% of women graduate with STEM degrees. It’s a pretty big and controversial topic to explore the possible reasons this is so, but one thing I feel very confident about is that with a practice approach, math becomes more accessible to everyone. ALL learning becomes more accessible with a practice approach. The Math For Keeps methodology goes hand in hand with the whole growth versus fixed mindset phenomenon, and is an empowering and important paradigm for us to all shift our mindsets to.


How do you think we can combat the struggles/stigma girls & women face in STEM? 

Fall in love with math! And do more of it!! Make it fun. Make it accessible. Show girls they can do it. A practice approach makes this super easy and do-able.


What do you hope the girls take away from your workshop at WAG this year? 

Here’s the take-away about math struggles: They’re common. They’re not your fault. They’re fixable.

And here’s the take-away about struggles in general: We all get down sometimes: feel blue, grumpy, frustrated… I want to arm the girls with some fun and easy tools for shifting, and remind them that learning is one of the most rewarding things we as humans can do. Learning can help you feel good, and feeling good can help you learn! What a happy upward spiral!


What advice would you give to your 12-year-old self?

Stay silly. Stay curious. Stay playful. It’s not that serious.

Felicia Gonzalez