Happy International Day Of The Girl! How will you support girls today?

Today is the International Day of the Girl (AND Eleanor Roosevelt’s birthday!)  The Day of the Girl is about highlighting, celebrating, discussing, and advancing girls lives and opportunities across the globe. Find out more about the movement at http://dayofthegirl.org/.

In honor of this day, how will you support and empower girls? If you are looking for suggestions, we have some!

1) Register! If you haven’t already, register to attend the 2012 We Are Girls Conference at www.wearegirls.org.

2) Spread the news! Tell your friends and social networks about We Are Girls, and what a special day it is for girls, parents, and advocates for girls.

3) Donate! GENaustin has already received hundreds of scholarship requests from girls and families who can’t afford to attend without your help. Every donation makes a difference! Please contribute and send a girl like Solanato We Are Girls. http://bit.ly/Ulvk6L

4) Volunteer! ClubGEN is looking for Career Week speakers to visit clubGEN afterschool programs the week of October 22nd-26th, and inspire girls to dream bigger! Talk to girls about your career, and change the way they think about what’s possible for them. It’s that easy! Email claudia@genaustin.org for more info!


Vanessa Wright