clubGEN Girls Share Their “Just Because…” Poems

clubGEN girls recently spent some time creating “Just Because” poems, the poems that allow them to  celebrate themselves and respond to assumptions people make about them. We thought we’d share some of the funny, honest and moving poems girls made:

justbc4-1024x764 (1).jpg

Just Because I am a girl

Doesn’t mean I have to be girly

 Doesn’t mean I have to like pink

Doesn’t mean I have to like dresses

I am a girl and I am unique


 Just because I am a good student

Doesn’t mean I don’t break rules

Just Because I live in a bad neighborhood

Doesn’t mean I have bad parents

Just because I am from Mexico

Doesn’t mean I am here illegally

And just because this poem is called Just Because

Does not mean I will start every sentence with it

I am me, nothing less and nothing more


 Just because I am smart

Doesn’t mean I am stuck up

Doesn’t mean I can’t have fun

Doesn’t mean I can’t just let go sometimes

I’m not smart, I’m me.

Just because I like being alone

Doesn’t mean I’m anti-social

Doesn’t mean I don’t love to talk

Doesn’t mean I’m not a good friend

Doesn’t mean I’m not worth getting to know

I am an introvert, not an outcast.

Just because I’m a girl

Doesn’t mean I can’t play football

Doesn’t mean I can’t ever be more than a secretary

Doesn’t mean I’m frivilous

I’m a girl, not a nothing!


Just Because I’m overweight

Doesn’t mean I eat a lot

Doesn’t mean I run slow

Doesn’t mean I am ugly

I am beautiful and healthy

A poem from one of our 180 girls:


Just because of what I did in the past

Doesn’t mean I’m the same person today

Doesn’t mean I do what i used to to

Doesn’t mean I made the same choices I used to

I’m a changed person!


Just because I’m Mexican

Doesn’t mean I can’t learn

Doesn’t mean I can only talk spanish

Doesn’t mean I can’t go to college

Doesn’t mean I can’t reach my goals

Doesn’t mean I live out in the street

I am equal to you and many others…



Vanessa Wright