Give the Gift of Empowerment! Send a girl to We Are Girls!

It’s almost time! We Are Girls Austin! We Are Girls Austin! We Are Girls Austin! Are you chanting it with us from behind your computer screen? We hope so. We can’t wait.


We’re kicking off our We Are Girls Austin campaign to scholarship girls to the conference, on November 5th this year. We scholarship 50% of our 2,000 attendees because they don’t have the resources to afford the $30 ticket for this full-day experience that gives them a seat at the table and helps them find their power. We can only do this because of people like you! What do you sped $30 on usually? A new shirt? Five fancy coffee drinks? A Friday night out? Those are all great things. Important (clothing, caffeine, self-care) things!


Girls access to events like We Are Girls Austin so they can explore their sense of self and build skills, knowledge, and community are important, too. We would be thrilled if you donated $30 (or more) to scholarship a low-income girl to this year’s conference. You can donate at:


P.S. Are you a Houstonian? We Are Girls Houston takes place April 29, 2017. Register early here if you just can’t wait!



Our 2016 We Are Girls Austin scholarship campaign letter:


You may have also gotten a letter in the mail from us about this fundraising effort. If you haven’t, we wanted to share that letter with you and so we’ve included it below. Thank you, thank you for empowering girls!


We know your hearts ache alongside ours when you hear: “I was struggling with if I loved myself because the littler things can get me frustrated and I beat myself up. Littler things, like sometimes I don’t think I’m pretty enough. I’m too hard on myself.” Andrea, a local 5th grader and campGEN participant, told us this.

Andrea and her mom, Kimberly

Andrea and her mom, Kimberly

Unfortunately, 71% of girls in Austin feel like Andrea, believing that they don’t measure up in terms of looks, grades and relationships. As someone who cares about girls, we know that you recognize the risks of beliefs like these (thank you). Risks like engaging in harmful behavior, such as smoking, drinking, bullying, and disordered eating, as 75% of girls with low self-esteem do.


At Girls Empowerment Network (GEN), we’re helping girls change their painful and detrimental beliefs about themselves. Andrea says that “GEN teaches us about loving ourselves and that helped me. GEN helps girls to be true to themselves.”


GEN’s 2016 We Are Girls Conference – Austin is on Saturday, November 5th. The theme is, “Find Your Power!” This special day connects girls to relatable role models and encourages healthy relationships, educational discovery, and creative self-expression. Yet so many girls can’t afford the $30 ticket.


As someone who values girls and wants them to value themselves, we ask: Will you scholarship a girl like Andrea to this life-changing event for just $30?


Andrea’s mom, Kimberly, who presented on self-appreciation at last year’s We Are Girls Conference, tells us that scholarships are important because GEN programming should be “made available to everyone who is less fortunate, because those are probably the ones who need it…It’s a small investment for a priceless experience.”


$30 will send a lucky local girl to have this empowering experience and we need your help to provide this opportunity to over 50% of 2,000 attendees in Austin.


When Kimberly presented at We Are Girls 2015, she thought “wow, this would be awesome for my daughter,” which is why she pursued campGEN for Andrea this summer and they’ll be at We Are Girls on November 5th. Donate $30 and make sure that every daughter, every girl has this opportunity.

Felicia Gonzalez