GEN’s Culture

Contributed by: Delaney Seebold, Development Intern

Coming into GEN as an intern in January, I had never thought about how impactful an agency’s culture can be. I had worked in places before which, although I enjoyed working there, didn’t have a specific, intentional office culture that was implemented. At GEN, I quickly learned that culture is not about amenities or the activities we do with one another — it is lived and breathed everyday in how we communicate, how we treat one another, and what we value.

Here at GEN, we put a lot of thought into the culture of our organization. We strive to create an encouraging, uplifting environment which also challenges us to do our best. Our workplace culture provides transparency, support, and fun!

It is essential for us to maintain a work environment that is naturally and intentionally productive, inclusive, and inspirational. Our open door policy ensures that communication is encouraged and facilitated, creating a space which celebrates open dialogue.

Before we’re employees, we are people. Self-care and personal growth are encouraged and expected at GEN; do what you need to do to take care of yourself.

Of course, none of us would be here without the GEN girls who motivate us. We like to maintain a culture as close to that which is practiced by the girls in our groups. Before we begin staff meetings, we take part in ice-breakers similar to those the girls take part in.

Ultimately, we believe that employees and volunteers who work in an atmosphere of creativity and empowerment will provide higher quality services, approach their work and colleagues with greater enthusiasm because their own ‘well is full,’ and help build a more successful, sustainable business.

The most significant part of GEN’s culture throughout my experience here has been transparency, which reaches all aspects of office activities. We are all on the same page, not only regarding projects and tasks, but also about how one another are doing on a personal level. I’ve learned about the importance of being aware of where my co-workers are at in their everyday lives, and how a little understanding and inclusion can go a long way in building a productive work space. I hope to be lucky enough to continue working in places with amazing cultures but if not, I’m grateful to be able to say that GEN has equipped me with the tools I need to help create one!

Felicia Gonzalez