GEN girls take an empowering road trip to Dell

Contributed by: Rose Miller, Development Intern

Photos credits: Dell

On Friday, May 18, 2018, GEN took fifteen 8th grade girls from KIPP College Prep Middle School to visit the Dell Parmer Campus. They spent the day touring the Dell campus and learning from eighteen wonderful Dell employees.


The day started out by learning about the importance of technology in many different careers. One girl who wants to be a doctor was surprised to learn that she could use virtual reality to practice surgery. Another girl who is interested in becoming an architect was excited that Dell makes high-tech drawing software! They also heard from some amazing women working in tech, including Kelly, who told them, “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve something.”'


Next, the girls got to visit the lab where Dell examines and studies the various components of different products.


Then, the girls headed over the Rugged lab, where Dell tests the line of laptops they sell to first-responders, which must be able to withstand extreme heat, extreme cold, sand, dust, high drops, and water exposure. The girls loved getting to drop the laptops from as high as they could and spraying water on them to test their durability. The girls were deeply impressed by these incredible pieces of technology.


After the Rugged lab, the girls got to see the photo studio where Dell makes its advertisements, touring their photo sets and their editing room. They learned all about the importance of dreaming big from Suzanne, a Dell employee who told them, “You never know what possibilities are ahead. If you’d have told me when I was your age that I’d be taking photos on a photo without film for a computer company, I wouldn’t have understood what you meant.”


Next, the girls had a networking session, where they talked to GEN employees about their work, their girlhoods, and their passions over pizza and cupcakes. From then they got to move on to the interactive lab, where the girls saw and interacted with some of Dell’s amazing finished products, including digital whiteboards, drawing technology, and virtual reality. They learned about the future of some of this technology in the classroom from Greg, a Dell employee who explained, “Someday we’ll be able to use virtual reality for history classes, so kids can enter the past, not just learn about it.”


It was hard to say goodbye after such an amazing day! Dell sent the girls off with t-shirts, backpacks, and notebooks to take home. A huge thank you goes out to Dell for teaching these young ladies so much and providing everyone an inspiring day!

Felicia Gonzalez