When Your Daughter Needs Help Dreaming Outside the Box

When you were a pre-teen, do you remember the labels you had for yourself? A bookworm, a nerd, a tomboy, or a sporty-girl? Do you find your daughter similarly labeling herself and her friends? Help your daughter and her friends dream outside the box and learn to see themselves as not only a bookworm or not only as a dancer. Parents can help girls gain a more nuanced understanding about their qualities that make them unique, so they see themselves in a more multidimensional way.


Encourage your daughter(s) and friends to own a number of labels. Help them realize they have a multitude of different qualities they may not have thought of before. Maybe they are good at singing along with the radio or being patient with a younger sibling. Better yet, get a group of girls together and let them brainstorm the qualities they have that they might not have noticed. Maybe one girl thought she was only good at piano and not at all at social studies but her friends show her otherwise. Helping girls learn that they are special and possess many unique, wonderful qualities will bolster their self-esteem and help them be resilient (especially in middle school when that dreaded pop quiz grade comes home).


Another way to give your girls a “growth experience” is by sending her to the Girls Empowerment Network’s We Are Girls Conference, which takes place on November 4th at Anderson High School in Austin, Texas. Girls will meet other girls, be inspired by amazing and strong women, and be encouraged to try and learn new things. The non-academic setting is designed to help them dream big and maybe discover a new passion along the way. You never know, you might have a budding yogi in your midst!


Learn more about We Are Girls, and see the full roster of speakers and activities that will be on tap. If you cannot attend, there is still time to sponsor a scholarship for a girl. The conference sells out year after year, so act fast and register today.

Felicia Gonzalez