Volunteer Spotlight: Kierrah Holliday

Kierrah Holliday is our October Volunteer of the Month! Congratulations Kierrah!

“Kierrah is a FIRECRACKER of a volunteer! From working with high school girls in our Pathfinder program to working with elementary school girls in our Girl Connect program, Kierrah finds a way to meaningfully connect with any girl, of any age. Kierrah extends her reach even further by sitting on our Youth Advisory Board, and even serving as last year’s president, which is a made up of young ages 14-24. Kierrah exudes ambition, hard work, and authenticity” says Chelsea Dean-Martinez, Program Coordinator.


Kierrah began working with Girls Empowerment Network as intern for Pathfinder two summers ago. After this, she decided to run for President of the board and won! Currently, she mentors and volunteers at an elementary in San Marcos with GEN, volunteers for the We Are Girls Conference, and presents at Pathfinder on proper study habits.

We wanted the GEN community to see why GEN loves Kierrah and why Kierrah loves GEN – take a look!

1. What is it about GEN that keeps you coming back to volunteer?

It’s the staff and how inviting they are, and the girls they have generated are very influential with the programs and that’s a positive.

2. In your opinion, what is one of the biggest issues young girl face today?

Sometimes women are being overlooked in their capabilities and that’s why GEN is so important because women need to support women.

3. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your 12 year old self?

Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to be yourself.

4. How has volunteering with GEN impacted you? 

It has impacted me to continue to be a role model for younger girls. I am a lot harder on myself now than before because now I see that there is a younger generation watching me and looking up to me. It has open my eyes to new ideas and ways to help my community.

5. Do you have a specific memory from volunteering that has resonated with you? 

A specific memory would be my first time doing a workshop at Pathfinder. That was my first time teaching anything and I was extremely nervous. I had a proud personal moment to myself once it was all over because doing something like that has been a goal of mine since I moved to San Marcos almost 2 years ago.

6. What has been your favorite part of volunteering/interning with GEN? 

Meeting new young girls and the GEN staff. The GEN staff has been such an amazing group to work with.

7. Do you have a go to #girlpower song?

Diva – Beyoncé

We are so happy to have amazing women like Kierrah volunteer here at GEN! Her confidence and #girlpower are infectious.

Felicia Gonzalez