Visiting the Dell Campus with KIPP Austin College Prep

Thank you so much to everyone at Dell and members of WISE whose hard work and collaboration made our 2013 GENaustin Road Trip to Dell a big success!

On May 6th GENaustin took a group of girls from KIPP Austin College Prep to the Dell Campus where they had the opportunity to meet women working in technology and tour the Dell campus, learning more about Dell technology and Dell’s impact around the world.


The girls had  speed-dating style meetings with Dell WISE members from a variety of jobs and backgrounds:


They also saw the Dell Social Media Command Center:


According to the girls, some of the highlights of the field trip to Dell included discussing future careers and learning about all the different types of jobs Dell offers.  They also enjoyed the Social Media Command Center and getting to try out fancy Dell technology.  The girls really enjoyed meeting all the women of Dell/WISE and described them as intelligent and hardworking leaders, whom they could look up to.  The girls agreed that “it would be cool to work at Dell because you are always busy, doing something new, learning something new and meeting new people.”


Thank you to everyone who made this special day possible!

Vanessa Wright