This Thanksgiving, GENaustin’s Thankful For…

Ami, GENaustin Conference & Workshops Manager

  • A wonderful year working with Joy Beth and Marisa. They are amazing workshop coordinators who have made GirlConnect and Girl Talk better and reaching more girls than ever.

  •  1385 We Are Girls attendees! It was an absolutely fun and inspiring day.

  • Smart and compassionate leadership from Rachel, Julia, and the board.

  • The ability to exercise my right to vote—something my great-grandmother didn’t have at my age.

  • Parks and Recreation, with the hilarious Amy Poehler.

  •  Gabby Douglas reigniting my excitement with Olympic gymnastics.

  •  and OPI nail polish for keeping my life colorful.

 Celeste, GENaustin Volunteer Specialist

I’m thankful for getting to continue the tradition of co-dependent, hetero-lifemate VISTAs with Clau, for all the amazing, passionate volunteers I get to interact with everyday, and for 4 different Thanksgiving celebrations I get to have with various groups of friends and family.

Jana, GENaustin Operations Director

I am thankful I live in a free country where I can speak my mind.

Claudia, GENaustin Outreach Specialist:

I’m very thankful for the amazing people that work with GENaustin. Everyone is so supportive, positive and everyone has something special to bring to the table. I’m thankful GENaustin exists, not only because it is wonderful to work with and empower girls, but because working in this field is so empowering!

Also I’m thankful for Downton Abbey, the internet, Colin Firth (how babe is he in Bridget Jones’ Diary though?), and living in Austin Texas.

 Maria, Marketing and Fundraising Specialist

  • I’m thankful for everyone who donated to the We Are Girls 2012 Scholarship Campaign. Because of everyone who gave, we raised over $29,000 to support girls programming!

  • For all the We Are Girls 2012 Sponsors.

  • For Christmas Milk. Comparable to eggnog in the way gold is comparable to a hunk of old rock that tastes weird in retrospect, Christmas Milk is a beverage that will change the way you think about liquids, Christmas, and milk. (Pro tip: despite the name, the season for Christmas Milk seems to extend well into mid-summer, so there is no need to panic and buy 12 cases the week after New Years. In case this is something you would do.)

  • For all of the girls who attend our programs, in whatever capacity. You are a constant reminder that despite the challenges you face, there is every reason to be over-the-moon excited about the next generation of girls and what they will accomplish. Thank you for inspiring all of us at GENaustin, every day.

And a reminder: For the past 5 years Texas has led the nation in turkey-related fires. Luckily, William Shatner has some tips for how to stay safe. Check it out and have a safe, fun, delicious holiday!

Vanessa Wright