Support Girls by Giving to our Big Brave Team


This February, an amazing team of women is facing their fears and achieving life-long goals, all in the name of encouraging girls. Big Brave is a 5-week challenge where our six team members will raise money for GENaustin from supporters who want to see them succeed. What are their goals, exactly? Well, Maria Orozova is going to hike all 26 miles of the Inca Trail in high heels. Denise Chumlea is going to pursue her art, complete a painting, and have it featured locally. Nicole Stallings is going to publish her first book of photography. Athena Boyd will face her fear of public speaking by sharing her story of overcoming bullying in her youth with other girls. Erin Jones is going to scuba dive with sharks (but first she has to get scuba certified!) And Cristina Facundo is going to fulfill her dream of learning Spanish.


Support these brave, hardworking women as they achieve their goals by donating! Every penny donated will go to supporting girls in GENaustin’s programs.


Vanessa Wright