Pathfinder Q&A with Julia Cuba Lewis

(Left to right: Ami Kane, Development Director; Julia Cuba Lewis, Executive Director)

(Left to right: Ami Kane, Development Director; Julia Cuba Lewis, Executive Director)

GENaustin’s Executive Director, Julia Cuba Lewis, was asked to share her thoughts and insights on the importance of girl leadership, personal and professional development, and the impact of our newest program, Pathfinder.


Q: What is the Pathfinder Leadership Summit?
A: The newest program from GENaustin, the Pathfinder Leadership Summit is a personal and professional leadership program that gives ambitious high school students a head start on their roads to college, careers and independence. We are currently accepting applications online until April 15, 2015 at


Q: What will Pathfinders do during the program?
A: In one action-packed week, the Pathfinder Leadership Summit combines workshops and mentoring on a wide range of career development skills including public speaking, interviewing, networking, resume writing, and more. Young women attending the Leadership Summit will learn about professional dress from fashion blogger Alexa Curtis and wardrobe stylist CJ Legare, Maura Thomas will provide vital time management skills and Renee Trudeau will speak on how to integrate passions with a career. Pathfinders will road-test their new skills, knowledge and confidence by meeting with Austin women business leaders through site visits – including ones to Facebook and Dell – and during an exclusive luncheon on the last day of the Summit.


Q: What makes Pathfinder different from other Central Texas programs for teen girls?

A: There is truly no other program like the Pathfinder Leadership Summit. When it comes to leadership, a lot of learning happens outside of the classroom. Through Pathfinder, GENaustin is creating a new opportunity for young women in our community to gain self-knowledge, skills and confidence to be tomorrow’s leaders. Today’s savvy teens are more and more connected to each other and the world than any generation before them, yet they still crave answers from real people, face to face. Pathfinder gives ambitious young women the leadership tools, skills and knowledge they want as they move from high school to independence.

Vanessa Wright