Olympics Media Coverage Roundup

There are tons of things to be excited about this Olympics- for the first time ever, every country’s team has female representatives, and this is the first year the US has sent more female athletes than males to the event- but this year’s Olympics also reveals the ways in which our culture still views its female athletes through a very gendered lens. Here’s a roundup of some stories:

On the culture’s struggle between athleticism and “traditional femininity”

Why are female Olympic athlete’s tearing up being called “diva moments”?

Holley Mangold’s the US’s best chance at a weight lifting Olympic medal-so why has so much coverage been about her weight?

The Olympics has released new sex testing policies that could disquality women athletes with hyperandrogenism, determined by natural testosterone level, from competing

Female Olympic athletes are facing body snarking from the media

The Games show fat & athleticism are not mutually exclusive

Former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson talks about the pressure of body critics

What have we missed? If you know of other articles we should include, post them in the comments!


Vanessa Wright