November’s Volunteer Spotlight: Clair Daly!

Contributed By: Rhianna Quiroga, Community Relations Intern

Volunteer Spotlight of November: Meet Clair Daly! 

Clair began as a Fundraising intern while completing her degree at St. Edward’s University. Clair has been a longtime We Are Girls Austin Conference volunteer, and even served as the Cupcake Queen for our 10th annual We Are Girls Austin Conference! Currently Clair leads the Membership Committee of the Girl Advocacy League where she works to recruit new GEN volunteers, advocates, and donors.


“It has been an honor, a privilege, but most of all a profound joy to know Clair Daly. She was one of the first GEN volunteers I got to know well when I joined the GEN staff in fall 2015. Since then, my admiration and appreciation for Clair has grown exponentially. She shows up to nearly every volunteer night, leads the Girl Advocacy League membership team with passion and commitment, and, of course, was the very best Cupcake Queen at the 2017 We Are Girls Austin Conference! Clair makes every human smile within seconds of meeting her. She is driven and delightful, and it’s a gift to have her in the GEN community” – Elena Carey (Development Manager)

What is it about Girls Empowerment Network that makes you keep coming back?

I have never come across an organization that does what GEN does. Volunteering while watching girls connect the dots about behaviors and motivations and inspirations is so important, inspiring, and completely unique to this organization.

How has GEN impacted you?

GEN has made me think about how everything in the world relates to girls and shapes their experiences. I’m grateful for the awareness it has given me to the state of girlhood but also the awareness it gives me to my own experience as a woman.

Do you have a specific memory from volunteering that has resonated with you? 

When I was a summer intern for GEN, I volunteered at some of the campGEN summer programs. I met a girl who was having trouble making friends on the first day of camp and didn’t seem to want to focus on some of the activities. During a morning yoga session where she was feeling wiggly and antsy, I asked her if she would rather move around or talk so we didn’t disturb the other girls who were focusing on yoga. We went on a walk around the building and talked about musical instruments and family and things we liked until the yoga portion was over. She joined the rest of the girls and by the afternoon, had a little group of friends working on scrapbooking pages together.

What has been your favorite part of volunteering with GEN?

My favorite part of volunteering with GEN is knowing that no matter how big or small the task is that I’m working on, it is making a difference for girls and the valuable programming that GEN facilitates.

Why do you believe Girls Empowerment is important for young girls today?

We are experiencing so much change politically, socially and economically for women and an overload of information and digital influence for girls. It can be so scary to navigate if you are struggling to find your self-worth or sense of self and feeling empowered gives you an amazing toolbox to work through these issues on your own and with friends.

What advice would you give yourself when you were in middle school?

I would tell my middle school self that believing in yourself and your relationship with yourself is the most important thing and impacts the choices you make for the rest of your life. The sooner you can build your self-esteem and confidence in your decisions, the easier it will be to navigate through friendships, romance, jobs, and school.

What is your go-to #girlpower song? 

God is a Woman by Ariana Grande.

We are so thrilled to have passionate and confident women like Clair volunteer at GEN – her positive attitude and confidence is the definition of #girlpower!

Felicia Gonzalez