Meet GENaustin’s new Development Director, Krystal Mathis!


Why did you join GENaustin?  

At the time, I was just thinking of the possibility of finding some non-profit work strictly in Development, so I started searching the web.  I came across the GENaustin listing, and went to the website to learn more about the organization.  I remember looking over the site with my eyes just getting wider and wider!  I never knew that an organization as wonderful as GEN existed, and I just HAD to be a part of it!  I applied, then pestered everyone until they agreed to let me work here.  But specifically, I was moved by the value that GEN places on young girls at a time when society tells them they are either not valued, or valued for the wrong reasons.  I love that we are standing up saying, YES!  Girls are important!!

What is your favorite part of being a member of the GENaustin team?

That is a difficult question to answer!  I really like the office environment so much.  ALL the women I work with are amazing!  People really care about other people, not just about the job to be done.  That being said, everyone is really dedicated to their jobs and the overall cause.  I guess, though, what I like best is just the feeling of working to help an organization I believe in so strongly.

Where were you before you came to GENaustin?

I was the Director of Outreach for a wildlife rehabilitation center and sanctuary.  There, we cared for injured, orphaned, or displaced Texas-native wild animals, with the goal of returning them to the wild.  For non-native animals who are not able to be returned to the wild, for example primates used in medical research or lions victimized by the pet trade, we just provided them with a great place to live out the rest of their lives.  Many times, especially in the case of the primates used in research, the animals had never even touched grass or felt the warmth of another member of their species.  I worked in a variety of capacities at the sanctuary.  I did everything from community outreach to bottle-feeding baby raccoons!

Is there anything you’d like potential funders to know about getting involved with GENaustin?

I would like potential funders to know that you can TRUST GENaustin.  When a generous donor is deciding in which nonprofit to invest their hard-earned money, it can be quite a challenge.  There are so many great visions out there, but great visions alone don’t run an organization.  In order for a nonprofit to cause a lasting change, there must be longevity, strategic planning, and effective use of resources.  GEN is effective and run well.  I wouldn’t work for an organization that wasn’t!  

Vanessa Wright