Meet April’s Volunteer of the Month, Brittany Yelverton!

If you’re a long-time GENaustin volunteer, you probably recognize Brittany Yelverton. GENaustin’s former Volunteer Coordinator’s ebullience, warmth and can-do spirit are difficult to forget. Although Brittany moved on from GENaustin after her Americorps VISTA term of service, she remains an enthusiastic volunteer and supporter of GENaustin and girls in the Austin community. She agreed to share her unique perspective into the work GENaustin does and the importance of its volunteers.

In addition to being a former GENaustin volunteer coordinator, you also served as an Americorps VISTA and volunteer for a number of organizations in Austin. Why do you think service is so important?

My mom is a social worker, and growing up, she often spoke to me about the importance of service, justice and compassion.  Service provides everyone with the opportunity to contribute to their community in a positive and equitable way, and I truly believe in the transformative power of service.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about volunteering with GENaustin?

Do it!  Volunteering with GENaustin is amazing, and the girls that you meet are incredibly funny, smart and insightful.  I also think GENaustin is a wonderful place to volunteer because there are a variety of great programs to contribute to, and each one is exciting and engaging for both the girls and volunteers.

Why does GENaustin’s work matter to you?

Growing up as a young woman can be tough, and GENaustiin works to create accepting, supportive and safe spaces for girls.  All of the programs promote self expression and advocacy, address the challenges and benefits of being a girl, and create an environment that embraces and supports each unique girl.

How has volunteering with GENaustin enriched your life?

GENaustin has provided me with an amazing system of support.  The women that work at and volunteer with GENaustin are exceptional people, and it’s been wonderful to spend so much of my time surrounded by confident and kind women.  However, the most enriching part of my GENaustin experience has been working with the young women in our community.  The girls I have met through GENaustin’s various programs are bold and brave, and I look forward to seeing the wonderful ways that they are going to change the world.

Vanessa Wright