Lemonade Day: Teaching Girls Financial Literacy!

This month clubGEN participated  in Lemonade Day, where girls learn the skills necessary to begin a business venture and put those skills into practice by planning opening their very own lemonade stand. “Through the implementation of 14 steps ranging from goal setting to budget planning, borrowing money and determining the perfect location, children form mini-business models for their ideal lemonade stand.


At clubGEN’s Lemonade Day, girls also:

-learned basic business terms

-learned how to make responsible business choices

-worked with peers in club to plan their own lemonade day

-brought supplies and participated in different roles on the day of the event

At all the participating schools, girls created and ran their own stand and get to keep all of the profits from their business. Girls were able to experience a variety of aspects around entrepreneurship such as budgeting, marketing, investors, goal setting, materials, logistics, roles, advertising, and lemonade recipes/specialization. And they even got to be creative about what they sold!


According to Candace, a clubGEN campus coordinator,

“The girls really seemed to get a sense of responsibility and ownership once they started creating posters and deciding who would bring what for their stand. On the day of the event, I saw shy girls step up and volunteer in different jobs. Overall it was a great way for them to express creativity while also learning skills to help them in life and the business world. Some girls stuck to basic lemonade, while others wanted to make pink lemonade or grape kool-aid- and one school of mine is even selling pickles! A girl at that school drew a poster that was so great: a horse wearing a pickle costume holding a sign advertising pickles.”



In a society where women still make less than men on average, and are significantly less likely to major in businessor be the head of a company, and own only a third of all businesses, teaching girls financial literacy and the joys of entrepreneurship early on can make a huge difference. (And, for clubGEN girls, it was also a chance to have fun and eat a lot of pickles, which is definitely a win-win.)


Vanessa Wright