Learning about Photoshop vs. Real Beauty: GirlConnect Workshops

GENaustin’s GirlConnect, a Dell “Powering the Possible” Program, puts technology in the hands of girls to help them explore the impact the media has on the images they see every day. In the workshops, girls first look at Photoshop before-and-after pictures that reveal what a difference digital manipulation makes when we’re looking at photos of celebrities and models.


They learn  that it’s not just photoshop- the images they see are also altered by the teams of makeup and hairstylists and lighting directors the models at photoshoots have at their disposal. For some girls, this workshop is the first time they’ve heard of photoshop,  and to see their faces when they realize how different celebrities look without photoshop and makeup is a profound experience. The girls almost always declare that they like the unretouched photo’s better, “because they look like a real person” or “because she is beautiful just the way she is.”


At every workshop the girls get the chance to use their GirlConnect workbooks to reflect on what they’ve learned about photoshop, and how it makes them feel.


Then the girls get the chance to make their own online blog about real beauty, with pictures and graphics to help them express themselves.


The workshop is such a fun opportunity to see girls explore their creativity as they celebrate themselves and the real qualities that make them beautiful, like their strength, and intelligence, and kindness.


 The GirlConnect Workshops are a fun & empowering opportunity for girls to create media that really reflects who they are, as opposed to who advertisers and magazines tell them they should be. If you’d like to bring a workshop to your daughter’s school, go here and find out more.

Vanessa Wright