Lean In Launches a ‘Ban Bossy’ Campaign for Girls


The Girls Leadership Institute and Lean In have joined forces in a new campaign to encourage girls to be leaders called “Ban Bossy.”


As GENaustin has talked about before on this blog, often, when girls speak up or stand up, they are told they are being “bossy,” while boys who take the leader are encouraged to continue doing so. That trend, where girls are taught to hold back, is one that continues into adulthood and leads to leadership gaps.


Ban Bossy wants to encourage girls to lead, something we can definitely get behind. Their website has lots of resources you should check out.


We love their leadership tips for girls. Here are some of them:


1) Speak Up in Class

2) Stop Apologizing Before You Speak

3) Challenge Yourself

4) Ask for Help

5) Don’t Do Everyone Else’s Work

6) Speak Up in Friendship

7) Trust Your Inner Voice

8) Practice!


Check out the full list here!

Vanessa Wright