IF YOU CAN SEE IT, YOU CAN BE IT! An Activity to Help Empower the Girl in Your Life


Contributed by: Caroline Crawford, Chief Program Officer, and Elena Carey, Development Manager

It’s the season to celebrate parents and all of those who have a meaningful impact on a child’s life! At Girls Empowerment Network, we know having superb role models is crucial. We have created a list of young women who are changing the world and inspiring us daily! For each girl, we chose one quality they demonstrate that we’d like to emulate. At the bottom of this post you’ll find a quick activity that will help you and the girl in your life talk about who she is and how she wants to continue to grow.

Our Top GIRLS to Watch Right Now:

Simone Biles is POWERFUL
21 years old, Simone has won 25 Olympic and World Champion medals. She spoke out and spoke up about the responsibilities of USA gymnastics.

Laurie Hernandez is TENACIOUS
18 years old, Laurie is an Olympic gymnast, Dancing with the Stars winner, New York Times Best Selling Author of I Got This: To Gold and Beyond, and wrote a children’s book titled She’s Got This.

13 years old, Anna loves marine life and developed a robot that detects microplastics in the ocean.

Yara Shahidi is RESOURCEFUL
18 years old, Yara is an actor and activist. She founded Yara’s Club (aiming to end poverty through education) and Eighteen x 18 (a platform to encourage voting in the mid-terms). She currently attends Harvard University.

Rowan Blanchard is CONFIDENT
17 years old, Rowan is an actor and activist engaged in issues such as feminism, human rights, and gun violence.

Divya Amirtharaj is CREATIVE
16 years old, Divya created app for parents with deaf children.

Amandla Stenberg is AUTHENTIC
20 years old, Amandla is non-binary, an activist, and was named “Feminist of the Year” in 2015 by the Ms. Foundation for Women.

Marley Dias is MOTIVATED
14 years-old, Marley started the hashtag #1000BlackGirlBooks and published her book Marley Dias Gets It Done: And So Can You.

Millie Bobby Brown is JOYFUL
14 years old, Millie is an actor and UNICEF goodwill ambassador.

Thandiwe Abdullah is BRAVE
15 years old, Thandiwe is Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter LA Youth Vanguard.

Greta Thunberg is RADICAL
16 years old, Greta spoke at the United Nations climate summit and organized a movement in which students walk out of school on Fridays to protest climate change.

Amika George is PROUD
19 years old, Amika created a petition to give girls who receive free lunch free menstrual products as well and led a 2,000 person protest on “period poverty.”

Emma Gonzalez is BOLD
19 years old, Emma is an activist for gun control, co-founder of Never Again MSD, March for Our Lives organizer, and a public speaker.

Now it’s YOUR TURN!
Ask the girls in your life: who are they now and what word describes them? Who do they want to become and what word would describe them? Are they CONFIDENT like Rowan or CREATIVE like Divya. Are they all of these?

_______________ (your name) is ________________ (your adjective)
___ (your age) years old, __________ (your name) is _______________________________ (what YOU will accomplish!)

Vanessa Wright