Girls Need To Know Any Career Is Open To Them. This Workshop Can Help.

Did you know Austin is #1 in the nation for young entrepreneurs overall? And ranked #7 for female business owners? Our city is full of people making their dreams a reality– but that doesn’t mean women and girls don’t face obstacles to theirs. Although the rate of female-owned business are growing nationwide, women still lag behind men in business and leadership positions. Women tend to own smaller businesses, and only one-in-five businesses with a revenue of $1 million or more is female-owned. Only 4.2% of Fortune 500 CEO’s are womenIn the non-profit sector, which tends to employ more women, only 19% of CEOs are female.

There are reasons for this. As late as 1974, in some states women were still not allowed to hold credit in their own name. Our media plays a big role, too. Growing up, children watch movies where only 19% of the people “on the job” are women. How do we think this impacts what girls envision themselves capable of?

Studies show that early in life, girls want to pursue careers in business, technology, and science. It is not until social expectations, media messages and gender discrimination take hold that they move away from pursuing these fields. GENaustin wants to do something about this. Our upcoming workshop “Sweet Success: Girls Minding Their Own Business” features a panel of successful local female business owners who will help middle and high school girls see that owning their own business is a fun and rewarding career path open to them.


 If you’d like to sign your daughter up, or know someone who might be interested, you can find out more info at


Vanessa Wright