GirlConnect Girls from McNeil High School blog about Real Beauty

GirlConnect, is a Dell Powering the Possible Program that incorporates technology and 21st century skills into GENaustin’s engaging curriculum.

Through GirlConnect, we get to work with girls all over Central Texas using Dell technology to learn about body image and media literacy. In this workshop girls create eZines or write blog posts on these important topics. Recently, GENaustin was at McNeil High School where the girls got a chance to tell us their thoughts on real beauty vs.  beauty in the media and what advice they would give younger girls about having a healthy body image. Here is snapshot of our girls at work!


Here’s what they had to say…

“Real Beauty isn’t always how you look but how you feel about your self. Yes outer beauty is important but it’s not your outer beauty that defines you. It is what you do that defines you. Don’t get stuck on what the media’s version of beauty is, look at what you see as beautiful, whether it be your eyes, smile or your personality because everyone has real beauty we just have to discover it for ourselves and what it means to us.

 What makes me beautiful is how I’m always smiling and I think I have beautiful eyes.  I see myself as beautiful the most when I’m myself and that is a bright, not always comfortable person, but someone who loves to read, is quick to laugh and always has a great attitude.  I like to joke and I am often described as sassy. There is nothing I would want to change about my inner beauty but I am often like everyone…not always confident in how I appear on the outside. But I try to look past that and pull my inner beauty to the surface in showing confidence in the face of doubt.

 My tip to younger girls is that never compare yourself to people in the media.  You all have something that is beautiful and you need to show everyone how beautiful you really are. I know from personal experiences because I have seen family members of mine struggle to see themselves as beautiful and struggle with eating disorders. Don’t fall victim to the temptation of unreal beauty that we see every where we look. Have confidence and remember that we are ALL BEAUTIFUL!”

-Posted by Rachel


“You make yourself beautiful. Your imperfections make yourself beautiful. Be natural! When we look at photoshopped pictures on the cover of a magazine we might feel as if we look terrible. But, don’t let it get your self-esteem get down. A healthy body isn’t super skinny. Fat can be good in a shapely amount! Don’t judge your body! You are beautiful inside and out and if you don’t believe me, go check out and explore on the rest of GENaustin’s website. Maybe you will have a new perspective on things. I know I did.”

-Posted by Emily


“Things to remember:

-You are beautiful
– Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not beautiful…they don’t know what they are talking about
-Be confident
-Work what your mamma gave ya!
-Don’t try to fit in when you were born to stand out
-Be who you are and not what others say you should be
-You are your own person
-Surround yourself with positive friends who wont bring you down
-Never tell yourself that you aren’t beautiful (if you ever have, tell yourself that you are sorry
-Believe in yourself
-Listen to Christina Aguilera when she says “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SINGLE WAY” listen to the rest of the song. it is a real confidence booster :)”

-Posted by Ally

Thank you as always to Dell for making this learning experience possible!  Stay tuned for more posts from these girls and more!

Vanessa Wright