GENuine Gratitude 2016

The GEN staff is thankful for many things this year. We are especially appreciative of our community: the girls we serve and the adults who care about them, our school and programmatic partners, staff, interns, volunteers, donors, supporters, and community advocates. GEN staff members are also grateful for:

Ami Kane:

  • A community of mentors, volunteers, supporters and advocates who care deeply about the empowerment of ALL girls!

  • Coworkers who are there with you to laugh, cry, take serious action, and cheer (whatever the occasion calls for!)

  • Julia—our fearless leader who truly cares.

Angie Velazquez:

  • Travel

  • My support group

  • My job

Blair Stirek:

  • The GEN TEAM

  • Our winter break

  • Brittany coming back to work!

Brittany Yelverton:

  • I am thankful for an exceptionally kind, supportive, and passionate GEN staff to work alongside.

  • I am grateful for cheese in all forms.

  • I deeply appreciate our GENterns and their brilliance, dedication, and ingenuity.

Cali Keating:

  • Coffee

  • Thank you notes

  • Access to help when I need it

Chelsea Dean-Martinez:

  • I am grateful for my husband and my dog, Max. <3

  • I am grateful for friends, coworkers, and a community that is aware of girlhood struggles and dedicated to girls’ empowerment!

  • I am grateful for breakfast tacos and a good cup of coffee.

Chloe LaPorte:

  • The opportunity to work with brilliant, strong girls everyday who bring me so much joy, energy, and hope.

  • A community of colleagues who value the inherent gifts and worth of girls and women.

  • A community of loved ones who respect and honor my passion and work with encouraging words and financial contributions to GEN.

Claudia Arellano:

  • Thankful for GEN. How beautiful is it to tell people we have the best job in the world. So much love takes over the office daily. I’m grateful for loving and supporting staff, and grateful for GIRLS and the job they allow me to do. It’s never a dull moment with any of them.

  • My family, friends, and my partner! It’s the time of giving, and these wonderful people showed out to support WAG and to help empower 30 young girls in the community! Seeing so many people involved in my life and being a part of my passion helps me realize how lucky I am to have such supportive system around me. I love LOVE!

  • Dak Prescott for giving all Dallas Cowboy fans hope again. Go Cowboys!

Elena Carey:

  • Fiction, which helps us escape and cultivates our capacity for compassion.

  • My mom, dad, and brother, who offer love, comfort, and a sense of security from across the country.

  • My Austin-based and remote community, who care for me with depth and persistence.

Monet Stevenson:

  • I am thankful for memories.

  • I am thankful for nature.

  • I am thankful for family.

Sidney Kenley:

  • A job that allows me to live out my passions and that gives me meaning and purpose.

  • Every young girl that I have worked with, and the opportunity to see them discover their self-worth and confidence to follow their dreams.

  • Life’s challenges for helping me grow and become who I am.

Victoria Lopez:

  • My family, for always being supportive in every path life has taken me.

  • My Friends for being my second family while living on my own in a new city for four years.

  • The Strong, inspiring women that are amongst our community and encouraging a better tomorrow.

Felicia Gonzalez