GENaustin Gratitudes

This holiday season, GENaustin staff wants to share a few of the things that we’re thankful for:


    • The thousands of girls whose voices guide our programs to be successful and relevant.


    • The 13,302 individuals who have engaged with GENaustin, participated in our programs, and helped us grow our community and impact.


    • An incredibly positive office environment that makes every individual feel so welcome.


    • The city of Austin – its art, music, food, incredible organizations, and passionate community leaders working to make the world a better place.


    • Forks with tines long enough to have cranberry, stuffing, green beans, and sweet potatoes all in one bite.


    • Donors who care deeply about the futures of girls in our community.


    • Our outstanding volunteers! In just 1 day, volunteers contributed 1016.25 service hours for our 2014 We Are Girls Conference.


    • Work that we feel passionately about and the opportunity to join so many girls on their journey.


    • The growing movement to get more girls involved in coding.


    • Parents and schools who reach out to us for resources on how to raise healthy girls.


    • Interns, both past and present, whose insight, leadership, and commitment has contributed to GENaustin’s growth in incredible ways.


    • Rahel Girma, the unofficial GENaustin hair stylist.


    • Frozen, Brave, The Hunger Games, and other new books/movies that go against the conventional ‘damsel in distress’ story line and help young girls feel strong and empowered.


    • Working with so many compassionate, courageous, and strong women who challenge and support us.


    • The opportunity to create safe spaces to explore, be creative, and share it all with so many brilliant, funny, loving girls in Austin.

    • Sweatpants.


    • Family who provide strength, love, and encouragement, and friends around the world who provide hope and a sense of purpose.


  • One Direction and their beautiful hair.

Vanessa Wright