The amazing ladies of Impact Austin:


“Impact Austin has been a partner in GENaustin’s growth since 2009, helping us reach hundreds upon hundreds of new girls through our clubGEN, workshops and now our 180 Program for girls in or at-risk of entering the juvenile justice system.  Impact Austin has never been just a financial award.  They celebrate us in so many ways, ensure that their membership is educated about who we are, and volunteer to improve our organization.  Somehow, every Impact Austin member I speak with has a way of making GENaustin feel famous.  From individuals to the way we are highlighted before the entire membership, we feel the red carpet of support.  We could not reach the number of girls we serve without them.”

– Julia Cuba, GENaustin Executive Director


Impact Austin is a diverse group of women making a difference through high-impact grant-making. Since 2009, GENaustin has been able to expand and grow our services for girls as a result of funding from Impact Austin. Its members have helped GENaustin coordinate our recent VIP session at the We Are Girls Conference, as well as provided funding to expand our 180 Program to high-need areas in Kyle, Bastrop and Round Rock.


We are incredibly grateful for the generous support of Impact Austin! This fall, the 180 program was able to hire new staff, expand to Hays and Williamson Counties, serve seven new schools and two new juvenile justice programs, and reach nearly 100 new girls. This growth would absolutely not be possible without Impact Austin. We are looking forward to the spring semester and our continued growth. Thank you, Impact Austin!— Ani Mirasol, 180 Program Coordinator


Rebecca Powers, founder of Impact Austin, was kind enough to answer a few questions about Impact Austin’s work:



Why did you decide to found Impact Austin? 


I founded Impact Austin because I wanted to give women like me an opportunity to become philanthropists with a $1000 investment.  By pooling our individual investments and extending grants to non-profits in the community, we have created much more of an impact collectively than any of us could ever expect to create on our own.  Along the way, our members have become knowledgeable about the needs in Central Texas and have become informed philanthropists–not only within Impact Austin, but also with their personal philanthropy.  That’s a win-win for our community!


How did you get involved with helping coordinate the VIP Session at our We Are Girls Conference?


I attended the VIP Session in 2012 and was so impressed with what I learned from the GENaustin participants during the facilitated discussion.  I knew I had friends who would want to know what I learned.  As I left, I cornered Julia Cuba, pledged to make a personal donation and told her I wanted to help with this year’s session.  She took me up on it!


What was the most memorable part of the experience for you?


The most powerful part of the experience for me has been witnessing how GENaustin gives young women the tools they need to navigate life successfully…fostering an air of self-confidence that I only wish I had at their age.  Their stories are inspiring and compelling.  At a couple of points, I’m not sure there was a dry eye in the house.  The VIP Session gives GENaustin an opportunity to share its program with people in the community who may not know its story and successes.


Thank you to Rebecca and everyone at Impact Austin for their support of GENaustin and girls in our community!


Vanessa Wright