GEN in Houston: An Interview with Mia!

Contributed by: Mia Mends, We Are Girls Houston Host Committee Member



We had the chance to speak with Mia Mends, a We Are Girls Houston Host Committee member, who participated in the We Are Girls Houston 2017 Heart-to-Heart session. At the Heart-to-Heart session, women who are professional and community leaders speak with high school girls in a “speed networking” format. The women share wisdom with the girls, answer questions, and listen to the girls’ thoughts on what it’s like to be a girl today.


How did you find out about Girls Empowerment Network (GEN)?
Through a luncheon hosted by Sara Speer Selber [We Are Girls Houston Host Committee Member].


What made you want to get involved with GEN?
I believe in the importance of Girls Empowerment and the impact it can have on girls if they are reached at the right moment in their lives.


What was your experience like participating in the Heart to Heart Session at We Are Girls Houston?
Eye-opening and revealing. The issues young girls are facing are profound and I have a newfound appreciation for how much they have to overcome. Their courage and strength inspired me.


What was the most inspirational thing you heard at the Heart to Heart session?
Listening to girls speak with confidence about what they will become. I believe them!


What was the most worrisome thing you heard at the Heart to Heart session?
High incidents of depression and body image issues.


What was your biggest take-away from the Heart to Heart session? What could we do better for girls moving forward?
The need is real. The potential impact can be profound. We could stay closer to them for a longer period of time. How do we stay connected?


What are your hopes for We Are Girls Houston in the future? How would you like to see it grow?
That it can be scaled and become a more constant presence in the lives of girls.


What do you think is one of the biggest issues facing girls today? Are there any issues you think are specific to Houston-area girls? High Incidents of depression and insecurity about body images.


What is one of the most important things you want girls to know? Are there any messages you’d like to send to Houston area girls in particular?

That they are strong and powerful and that they can be and do anything they want to.
That they should be secure in who they are and what they offer the world.
That they should embrace their uniqueness and authenticity.
That they should find ways to give back to their community.


See Mia in the We Are Girls Houston 2017 video.


And a huge thank you to VERTS Mediterranean Grill, which catered this year’s We Are Girls Houston Heart-to-Heart session!

Felicia Gonzalez