Eight Easy Ways to Show Appreciation for the Girls in Your Life

Here at GENaustin, we are celebrating Volunteer Appreciation Month during the month of April! We could not be more thankful for the time and energy our volunteers devote to our organization. Keeping in the spirit of appreciation, we are excited to start a discussion on how important it is to show appreciation for the girls in our lives. Whether it is a small or large gesture, showing appreciation can be pivotal to making someone feel valued and supported. In fact, sharing that you are thankful for someone’s perspective, actions, or presence is a simple way to boost someone else’s self-confidence, while also making yourself feel good.


Why is it important to show appreciation? The simplest answer is that it is healthy for us. A recent study done by Dr. Robert A. Emmons of The University of California, Davis, shows that cultivating gratitude can increase happiness levels by around 25 percent. Below are some key points as to why it is important to show appreciation to girls:


  • Positive emotions help us envision more possibilities
    When girls feel appreciated, they are more likely to live healthier lives with increased levels of confidence, self-esteem, and optimism.


  • Showing appreciation gives us stability
    Showing that we care and are grateful for someone can be good for us. Feeling appreciated on a daily basis can have positive effects on our lives. Our lives inevitable bring hardships and obstacles, but these positive emotions help balance out feelings of stress.


  • Positivity can be contagious
    Expressing gratitude to girls leads them to be more inclined to replicate those actions and show appreciation for people in their own lives. When we feel appreciated we want to spread that feeling.


  • It can strengthen relationships
    Showing appreciation for girls can foster more genuine and positive relationships. It creates a bond and allows people to feel connected at a deeper level.


We live in a world where girls constantly encounter articles, lists, and tips telling them how improve and be better, and it is rare to be encouraged, appreciated, and celebrated for all the wonderful things about someone, just as they are. So we have created a compilation of easy ways to show appreciation for girls in your community. Here are a few easy ways to do just that:


1)   Create positive sticky notes

Get a post-it and write thoughtful messages for someone on it. Place it in an area they will notice it, such as a bathroom mirror, computer screen at work, or on their lunch kit. Waking up to these notes can make someone feel instantly positive about their day.


2)    Appreciation dinner or lunch

Show that special girl in your life that you care about her by treating her to breakfast, lunch, dinner, or brunch…the list is endless!


3)   Bake her something

There is no greater feeling than being surprised with your favorite sweet treat!


4)    Take them on a special outing

This can be anything from a walk around the park, or going to get ice cream. Take this moment to enjoy a special place and thank them for the specific things they have done that have made an impact on you.


5)    Send a letter

Snail mail might not be the most popular option with the existence of e-mail and text messages. However, it still feels special to get a personal hand-written letter in the mail addressed to you.


6)    Compliment her

You don’t have to get crafty for this one. Share a few authentic words about a girl’s actions or something about her personality that you admire. Try to avoid compliments that are associated with physical attributes and instead compliment girls on the characteristics you value about her.


7)   Write her a poem

Create a positive poem and leave it in an area that you think they will easily find it. You can print the poem or hand write it on a sheet of cardboard and decorate it, or leave it simple if you wish.


8)   Smile and say thanks!

This is the simplest way to brighten someone’s day.

Vanessa Wright