Coach Keisha Loves Pink, and Other Facts about our We Are Girls Houston Keynote

Contributed by: Jordan Watts, GEN Development Intern


One of the Featured Conference Speakers for the 2017 We Are Girls Houston Conference is Keisha Howard, better known as Coach Keisha. Coach Keisha, who also spoke at We Are Girls Austin in November 2016, is a life coach and motivational speaker. She is often referred to as the “Queen of Empowering Teens.” Before you hear her speak in April, here are some fun facts about Coach Keisha:


1. Her favorite color is pink and she loves glitter.

Who doesn’t love the color pink, right? But Coach Keisha would go as far as saying she’s obsessed. She can almost always be caught wearing a shade of pink, her entire website theme is pink, and she even loves decking out her dogs in pink. What’s even better than the color pink, though? Glitter! Coach Keisha also loves glitter, maybe even as much as she loves the color pink. Her website’s logo even features a glittery pink crown.


2. Coach Keisha has two dogs.

Her dog’s names are Popcorn and Precious. Precious is a total diva and Popcorn lost his eyes due to ulcers, but does not let it stop him from being a totally normal pup. She enjoys taking them to the park when she isn’t busy motivating others.


3. Before Keisha was a motivational speaker and author she was a school counselor and teacher.

It makes sense as to why she has a passion for helping young girls. Throughout her time working at schools she notices the suffering young girls face on a daily basis. She wanted to create a sense of power and belonging in these young women, so she created her own organization that would do just that! She is the founder of PEARL Girls, an organization that focuses on self-esteem and other struggles unique to young girls and teens.


4. She is a Beyoncé lover!

Let’s face it, who isn’t absolutely obsessed with Queen B? She totally SLAYS! Coach Keisha incorporates her love for Beyoncé into her speeches, frequently using phrases such as “Pretty hurts” and “Who run the world? Girls” and constantly pointing out Bey’s presence as a strong and empowering woman in the media. She even loves singing along to Beyoncé songs in the car and shower. I bet every girl (and every other person in the world) can admit to rocking out to a Bey song at some point.


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