Amplify GEN!

Breaking News! The Shield-Ayres Foundation has announced that it will be sponsoring two special Amplify Austin Day prizes to partner nonprofits participating in Amplify Austin:

  • $7,500 to the nonprofit with the largest number of unique donors over the 24 hour giving period and

  • $2,500 to the nonprofit with the second largest number.

As a proud Shield-Ayres partner, GEN is eligible for these incredible prizes. It’s our 20th birthday this year and winning this award would be an amazing present, for us and the girls we serve! Take one minute and $5, or an amount of your choice, to donate to GEN at, then pass this along to 10 of your friends. Want to go above and beyond? Make your own GEN fundraising page on the Amplify website! Email Elena with questions.

Felicia Gonzalez