7 Websites That Empower and Connect Girls Interested in Technology

GirlConnect Codes, GEN’s newest technology initiative, is in full swing and is bringing a spotlight to the importance of having girls in technology. GirlConnect Codes introduces girls to web development and design skills, and connects them with professional women in Austin, TX who work in technology. Girls have the opportunity to meet and work with women who work at successful technology companies such as Dell, IMB, WP Engine, RackSpace, and Crowdtorch. GCC is about connection, learning new skills, and working together to help young women break into the technology field.


Luckily, there are a wealth of amazing organizations and resources with the same goal in mind. Together, we can turn the tide and spark a passion for technology in young girls who will change the face of the technology field. Below are some of the amazing organizations and websites


Fabfems.org connects girls to role models in a broad range of STEM careers from all over the United States. The website is a national directory of role models that highlights the importance of female role models and mentorship, especially in a field that still traditionally male dominated. Mentor profiles feature personal stories and their career pathways, and offer both in person and virtual mentoring opportunities.


Madewithcode.com is a fun and interactive site to learn about all of the things made with code in a variety of fields. The site features projects of many different levels for girls to learn about and practice coding. There are also inspirational videos of young women talking about how they have used code to change the world.


The mission of Black Girls Code is to introduce programming and technology to young and pre-teen girls of color who will become the next generation of coders. Black Girls Code hosts workshops and hackathons nationwide with a variety of topics and locations. The website also features the Black Girls Code documentary series that can be brought to organizations and schools.


Girls Who Code works with top female engineers and entrepreneurs to educate girls about computer science, robotics, web design and mobile development. Girls Who Code hosts school-based clubs and a summer immersion program.


On DotDiva.org, girls select their passion and discover ways to integrate technology into it. They have a wide variety of passions listed from art, music, and journalism to medicine, social justice, and law. The website introduces girls to profiles on women who work in various fields and who integrate technology into their passions. Dotdiva.org is a great way to explore new ways of blending a passion for technology with other interests.


She++ features blog articles and videos, including the She++ documentary. She++ is a documentary created by women in Stanford that explores the journey of multiple women pursuing computer science. The video interviews students and women in technology talking about their experiences in technology. The video also discusses the increasingly high need for having more women in technology. She++ includes interviews from women at Facebook, Pinterest, Box, and Google.


Girls in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is an initiative that aims to introduce and encourage girls and young women to consider careers in the rapidly expanding field of information and communication technologies. The website features information on the range of careers in ICT, inspirational videos, profiles of women who work in ICT, and a vast list of resources for girls and women in technology.

Vanessa Wright