5 and Up: Meet the 5 Speakers Who Have Been at WAG for 5 Years or More – Barb Steinberg

Contributed by: Ashley Erickson


The We Are Girls Austin Conference for 2016 is almost here! This calls for a spotlight on some amazing women who have helped us make WAG the GENtastic event it is today. These speakers are unique in that they have presented at WAG for five years or more! We appreciate the work they have contributed to GEN and want to share their motivation to inspire girls.


The “5 and Up” is a series of posts that will be shown throughout the week. These 5 presenters continue to help girls #findtheirpower through their incredible work for the We Are Girls Austin Conference and deserve some recognition for all that they do. First up, Barb Steinberg!



Barb Steinberg


 Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a licensed, masters-level social worker with over 20 years of experience working with teens. I feel grateful to live and work in Austin, Texas, where I have had the opportunity to partner with many schools, parent groups, nonprofits and organizations who share her passion: supporting girls as they navigate the often tricky road of adolescence.


I am the proud mama to one son, Jack, (go figure!) and lucky wife to Jeff. When I’m not spending time with my family or working to launch a new generation of confident, happy young women, I love to hit the town with my girlfriends and check out new restaurants, see the latest movies, hunker down with a good book, find reasons to get back to the East Coast and plan vacations to faraway places.


What is your company’s name and what do you do?

Barb Steinberg Presents, LLC

I, along with my team of coaches, provide teen life coaching to girls ages 12-25 as well as coaching for parents. We also lead insightful and interactive workshops and presentations for both girls and the adults in their lives.


When did you hear about the Girls Empowerment Network?

I first heard about the Girls Empowerment Network when I was hired in 2001 as the Director of Programs – one of my favorite jobs! I worked there for four years until I had my son and ventured out on my own to lead workshops on teen girl issues. After that I was lucky enough to stumble upon the only national training for teen life coaching at the time. And the rest is history!


How long have you been presenting at the We Are Girls Conference?

I have been presenting at We Are Girls conference every year since its inception in 2008. I feel honored to be a part of it and asked back year after year.


Why do you keep on coming back to WAG? What is your favorite part about WAG and why?

I keep coming back because I love the Girls Empowerment Network. We share the same mission and vision for the future of girls leading lives of fulfillment, empowerment with a strong sense of self.


I keep presenting because I see how much the parents and the girls are hungry for support, connection and new ideas on how to be their best selves. I feel honored to be able to provide that for the attendees. My favorite part about WAG is seeing the parents and the girls so happy, so connected with one another. You can see on their faces that they are being filled up with what they want and need.


If you could tell your 12-year-old self anything, what would it be?

I would tell my 12-year old self that who I am is enough – more than enough – in every way. I would remind myself to let go a bit, have fun, be comfortable with mistakes as I learn who I am and what I want. I would let that girl know that it all turns out great even though her heart was broken a few times.


What do you think is the biggest challenge facing girls, today?

The disconnection from self due to the bombardment of distractions and the drive to be perfect in every way which leads to pain and suffering.

Felicia Gonzalez