10 Things GENaustin’s Thankful For This Thanksgiving

10 Things GENaustin’s Thankful for this Thanksgiving:


 10 ) All our facebook friends and followers on twitter, for your feedback, retweets, comments, and ideas.

9 ) The chance to learn about how the media alters images of women alongside girls at Hill Country Middle School this week at our “Media and Me” Girl Talk Workshop. See the Dove Evolution video for an example of what the girls are learning about unrealistic images of women in advertising.

8 ) Deep Fried Turkeys! But remember, Texas is #1 in the Nation for deep-fried turkey fires. Stay safe, y’all.

7 ) Our wonderful supporters, VIPs, and sponsors, for your help making the 2011 We Are Girls Conference such an amazing day.

6 ) Everyone who donated to the We Are Girls Scholarship campaign! Your generosity ensured every girl who applied was able to attend the Conference!

5 ) Ryan Gosling, for existing.

4 ) Our Executive Director, Julia Cuba, for her vision and guidance (and for bringing us delicious coffee beverages this morning).

3 ) Our amazing, dedicated ClubGENGirl Talk Workshop, and 180 Program volunteers. GENaustin would not be able to serve the number of girls we do without your time and dedication.

2 ) Marisa, Coordinator of our new  GirlConnect program and Krystal, our new Development Director. Welcome to GENaustin! We’re so glad you’re part of our team!

And most of all:

1) Every girl who attends GENaustin’s programs. Your insight, intelligence, courage and humor inspire & make us better, every day.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Vanessa Wright