10 Helpful Study Habits for Girls

It’s that time again – girls are beginning to gear up for the new school year! And who better to share tips and tools for school preparation than high school students? GENaustin asked two of our amazing high school volunteers, Arlette and Estefanie, to create a go-to list of effective and helpful study habits.


Tip 1: Review your notes daily.
It is important to review your notes regularly rather than cram for tests the night before. Reviewing notes daily will help reinforce what you’re learning.


Tip 2: Set aside quiet time each day to study.
It’s great to set aside time to study, even if you don’t have homework or a test the next day.


Tip 3: Rewrite your notes daily.
Rewriting your notes keeps information fresh in your mind.


Tip 4: Be organized.
Being organized can save you valuable time and allow you to do more. Also, it’s helpful to keep all your study materials in one convenient location.


Tip 5: Identify how you learn.
Do you feel more comfortable using flashcards, highlighting and rewriting paragraphs, or do you need write words 20 times to learn them? Knowing your learning style will help you figure out the best study methods for you.


Tip 6: Be sure to get some sleep.
Staying up until 3AM studying for a test doesn’t work very well! Sleep has been scientifically documented to significantly impact your GPA and performance in school.


Tip 7: Eliminate obvious distractions.
Talking on the phone is a major distraction, but you should also be on the lookout for other distractions like the radio, TV, video games, etc. Getting rid of distractions will improve your concentration and focus.


Tip 8: Get motivated!
Being motivated to learn and work hard is important! Self-motivation is highly important, especially when you’re not super excited about a specific class. If you view it as an obstacle that you can and must overcome, you can set your mind to excelling and be successful.


Tip 9: Set up a schedule and manage your time wisely.
Creating a schedule and routine can help you to manage your time. Be sure to give yourself even more time to study for classes that are especially hard. Also, be sure to factor in time for recreational and social activities.


Tip 10: Stay committed.
You need to complete the course. Do your best and get the most out of every class. And don’t forget –
your commitment will pay off in the end!

Vanessa Wright