“GEN’s programming is absolutely critical. I have so many girls that I’ve taught and if somebody could’ve stepped in and given them that extra boost, it would’ve really altered the course of things.”
– Austin ISD teacher and mother of a clubGEN participant


We partner with schools to improve educational outcomes for girls.

We know girls are powerful and our Girl Connect curriculum helps them know it too. Girls are at risk of not reaching their potential, especially if adolescence affects them too adversely. When girls learn and practice skills with GEN, their self-efficacy increases. When they increase their self-efficacy they strengthen their internal belief in their power. When they feel powerful, they can be unstoppable. Our vision is to help 50,000 girls ignite their power by 2020.

Our trained Confidence-Builders implement Girl Connect in 60+ Texas schools by facilitating customizable modules for the girls on each campus.  They facilitate groups for girls who are referred by school administrators, or work with school contacts to recruit open groups. Our staff also provide programming for parents, and professional development for teachers.

Contact Sidney Kenley to bring Girl Connect to your school at sidney@girlsempowermentnetwork.org.

Our Girl Connect Curriculum Modules:

  • Intro – The Path to Power
  • Team Building – Connecting and Collaborating with Others
  • Identity – Own Your Unique Power & Appreciating Others
  • Healthy Friendships – Finding Valuable Friendships
  • Healthy Dating – Knowing Your Boundaries
  • Anti-Bullying – Be an Ally
  • Media Literacy – Knowing What’s Real in This World
  • Self-Compassion – Be Your Own Best Friend
  • Stress Management – Knowing When You’re Stressed & How to Handle It
  • Goal Setting – Be Unstoppable Through Life
  • Career Exploration/Power Chats – If You Can See it, You Can Be It
  • Communication – Connecting and Expressing Yourself Effectively
  • My Classroom & Me – Keeping Calm, Cool, and Concentrated at School
  • Drugs & Alcohol Resistance – Making Choices That are Right For You
  • Leadership – Discover the Leader in You
  • Failure & Resiliency – Fail Forward/Growth Mindset
  • Defining My Values – What’s Important to You
  • My Changing Body – All bodies are Good Bodies
  • Social Media Safety – Life is More Than Likes
  • Ending Celebration – You’re A Firework