Workshops for Dads at We Are Girls

Despite the name, the We Are Girls Conference isn’t just for girls! The Conference is for anyone with girls in their lives, who wants to know more about what they are experiencing and find ways to help guide them. Which means, of course,  Dads are welcome at We Are Girls, too! Fathers play an incredibly important role in helping their daughters navigate adolescence, but they might not always feel they know what to say, or how to handle the things their daughters are going through. That’s why in addition to the sessions for all adults, We Are Girls is offering a special track of sessions just for fathers, by fathers. 

 Have you heard Tom Meredith speak? He’s inspiring! And this time he has interviewed his grown daughters about their experience with him as a dad and in this session he’ll be reporting his surprising findings. This interactive workshop is open to dads, moms and girls!

 Thomas J. Meredith is a Founder and Managing Member of Meritage Capital, L.P.  Prior to establishing Meritage Capital, L.P., he served in various positions at Dell Inc. (“Dell”) including Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategy, and Managing Director of Dell Ventures.  Mr. Meredith was instrumental in refining and extending Dell’s highly successful direct business model. 

Other Dad’s Track Sessions:

Session 1 – Dad’s Panel: A session for dads lead by three panelists who are not experts giving “right answers” but are qualified men who have thought critically about the issues of fathering daughters. The participants will all submit anonymous question to start an open dialogue. The goal is to create a safe space for dads to ask questions they might not ask if women were around and start a discussion to include everyone.

Session 2 – She Calls Me Daddy:  There’s no challenge for a man quite like being the father of a girl. Boys often love to be tousled and teased by their dads. Girls love to be cherished. Boys can be “spoken to” with single words, half sentences, and grunts. Girls want their dads to talk to them in complete sentences. Boys long to live without their dad’s protection. Most girls thrive with confidence when they know their dad will be there. This workshop will help dads learn about the important issues that dads with daughters need to understand.


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Vanessa Wright